Photos of Steiner Bedrooms

Steiner is an old house, and it has been converted from large rooms into smaller ones, in order to accommodate 21 residents.  Therefore, each bedroom in this house is quite uniquely shaped.  For your ease of moving, we have provided photos and basic measurements of each room.  Please note that we cannot promise residents specific rooms; your room assignment is based on availability and made at the discretion of the admissions manager. 

We have both single- and double-occupant rooms, but virtually all residents have to begin their time at Steiner in a double-occupant room and will have the chance to move into a single room as more senior residents move out.  On average, residents are typically able to move into double rooms after one semester, but this is not a guarantee.

Each room comes furnished with:

Above and to the left are photos of an example double room.  There are two closets, a desk for each resident, and a bed for each resident.

Example single room.