Frequently Asked Questions about Steiner House

Eligibility for Residency and Requirements for Residents:

What is required of me to live in Steiner House?

What qualities do you look for in applicants?

When will I hear back about whether I am accepted?

What responsibilities will I have at Steiner House?

Do I have to be a student to live in Steiner House?

Is there an age limit?

Can I live at Steiner part-time?


How many people live at Steiner?

Do I have to share a room with someone?

What do the bedrooms look like?

What if I don't like how my room looks?

Are the bedrooms furnished?

What are the bathrooms like?


How much does it cost to live at Steiner House?

Do I have to pay utilities?

How do I pay my rent fee and board fee each month?

Cooking and Food:

So dinner is cooked every night...what about breakfast and lunch?

What if I have food allergies or dietary restrictions?

What if I'm not good at cooking?

Is it hard to cook for so many people?

How does the house get groceries and supplies?

Can I live at Steiner without contributing to communal dining?  Can I just make my own food?

What do I need to bring?  What does Steiner House provide?

Do I need to bring anything when I move in?

Is there room for storage?

Can I bring a car?

Is the house air-conditioned?

Pets and Visitors:

Can I have a pet?

Can I have visitors?

Socializing and Studying:

Are residents friends with each other?

Is it noisy with so many people in the house?

Is there space to study in the house?

Rules and Safety:

Are there rules for living in the house?

Is Steiner safe?  Do I get keys to the house?