Apply to Live at Steiner House

Applications for 2024 are closed. We are now only considering applications beginning for 2025 Academic Year. 

Deadline for 2025 Academic Year: July 15th 

(Note: Applications may still be considered beyond the deadline on a case-by-case basis, subject to rooming availability)

Read before applying:

Thank you for choosing to apply to Steiner House! We are a cooperative, meaning all residents must live together respectfully and uphold an environment where we share responsibility.  As a result, we carefully screen applicants to ensure they will make a good fit with our community.   

Please provide a thoughtful and detailed response to each question. Applications that respond with full paragraphs of information are given greater consideration since they allow us to get a stronger sense of your personality, background, and values.  Applications written with AI will not be considered. 

After completing your written application, the Admissions Manager will be in touch within 7-10 days.  If you seem like a good fit for our house, you will then be invited to a Zoom interview for further consideration.  Please allow up to another 7 days to schedule the interview.  Applicants cannot expect to find housing at Steiner House until the both portions of the application process are complete and the applicant has been notified that they are accepted to Steiner, which could take up to 14 days.  If you intend to arrive in Cleveland less than 14 days after submitting your written application, you will still be considered for residency, but acceptance is not guaranteed, and you must arrange temporary housing prior to potential acceptance.