What does it cost to live at Steiner?

Steiner House is an affordable place to live.  We are able to cut down on many costs, as compared to traditional apartment or dorm living, since we share space, pool together money for resources, and work collectively to carry out labor— like cooking, cleaning, and maintenance— ourselves.

However, Steiner is not a place to live merely because of its affordability.  It is a community and a collaborative environment where young people with can enjoy their shared experience of being students, while also appreciating and learning from each other's diversity in nationality, background, culture, and outlooks on the world.  We seek residents who see value in being part of a collective and contributing to something larger than themselves.  We have a lot of fun, too!


Every resident makes two payments per month: a board fee and a rent fee.

Board fee

Rent fee:

Security Deposit

Upon acceptance to Steiner House, all residents must pay a $500 security deposit 

What do My Fees Include?

All amenities listed below are covered under the board fee and rent fee; no other charges will be assessed from residents.

Board fee includes:

Rent fee includes:

Move-In/Move-Out Pro-Rating

Since Steiner House is flexible with move-in dates and does not require residents to sign a lease with a strict start and end date, residents rent and board fees are pro-rated during their first and last months in the house.

This means the rent and board fees will each be broken down into a daily rate, and new residents will only pay for the number of days they have spent in the house during their first month.  For example, if a resident moves into  Steiner on May 15th, they will only have to pay the cost of the remaining 15 days worth of rent and board fees for the month.  The same situation applies if a resident leaves the house before the end of a month.

Apart from the first and last month of a resident's stay in Steiner, all residents will pay the rent and board fees in full.

Short-Term Stay Surcharge:

Residents who stay at Steiner House less than one semester (or approximately five months) are required to pay a surcharge of an extra $100 in rent per month.  We are always open to short-term residents, but we aim to encourage stability and commitment to our community by giving preference to applicants who wish to stay at least a semester (or approximately five months) or longer.  

Waving of Rent and Board Fee for Summer/Leave of Absence

Residents can be exempt from paying rent and board fees if they will be away from the house during summer break, provided that they move all of their possessions to storage in the basement.  Upon return, residents will be guaranteed a spot in the house, but not necessarily the same room.

Or, if a resident is away from the house for 10 or more consecutive days, their board fee will be pro-rated such that the resident is only charged for the number of days within the month that they are present at the house.  For example, if a resident is away 15 days during a 30-day month, the resident will only be charged the cost of 15 days worth of the board fee.