What is a Co-operative?

A co-op is an autonomous association of persons who voluntarily unite and organize themselves to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratic enterprise. Thousands of Co-ops around the world, in every country, are engaged in activities such as housing, farming, fishing, manufacturing, food production, food distribution, banking, finance, education and the arts. Each one conducts their affairs according to the seven cooperative principals set out by the International Co-operative Alliance in Geneva, Switzerland: http://ica.coop/ 

 Co-operative Operations at Steiner House

What Type of Co-op is Steiner House?

Steiner, quite obviously, is a housing co-operative.  Specifically, we offer residence to graduate-level students (or those with post-doc or fellowship positions), and we cater to international students.  We aim to have a diverse range of residents from a variety of nationalities, backgrounds, and fields of study.  Though we especially encourage international students to apply, we are also open to domestic graduate students.

How does Steiner Follow the Principles of Co-Ops?

We are democratically organized through our system of elected house leaders.  Steiner has a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.  There are also seven house managers who are responsible for the administration of essential household duties.  Every fall, we hold elections where any resident can run for a position or be nominated.  

Despite our house's size, we are extremely organized.  The expectations for each resident, and our community as a whole, are lived out based on the rules set by our house manual and constitution.  

As graduate students, we lead busy lives, but in order to reap the benefits of Steiner (low-rent, comradery, and close proximity to campus, we all take time to contribute to the operations of the house.  We do this in two main ways:

Leadership Positions

Every fall, elections are held to elect or re-elect house leaders, who ensure the smooth functioning of Steiner.  Both new and existing residents are welcome to run for positions; there is no length of time a resident must live in the house before choosing to run for a position, and there are no term-limits.  We have eleven leadership positions, outlined below.

Executive Team:

House Managers:

House Duties

There are four main duties required of each house member.  These include a weekly house job, cooking, cleaning the kitchen (AKA "kitchen helper"), and sorting the weekly grocery order (AKA "shopping helper").  Below are the duties described in detail:

Weekly House Job


Kitchen Helper

Shopping Helper