Steiner House Cooperative

Established 1936

Steiner House is an international cooperative living environment for Cleveland-area graduate students.  For more than 50 years, our co-op has been providing affordable housing to students from over 75 countries.


Steiner House, formally known as the 501(c)3 nonprofit Cleveland Student Housing Association, is a cooperative living environment specifically for graduate students.  Through voluntary collaboration and self-governance among residents, including food production, cleaning, maintenance, and leadership, we are able to provide affordable room and board rates.  

Our network of over 1,000 alumni are now leaders around the world in music, business, art, law, education, the humanities, social sciences and medicine.  Their experiences working and organizing to make life decisions in a communal and democratic manner at Steiner House have provided them a set of skills valued in any field of scholarship or work.  And, of course, Steiner House offers the potential to form quality and lifelong relationships with a diverse range of people.